The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) is the province’s environmental watchdog, an independent officer of the Legislature.

Dr. Dianne Saxe has been the Environmental Commissioner since December 2015. Her five-year appointment is focused on serving the Ontario Legislature, improving the effectiveness of the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993 (EBR) and catalyzing better environmental, energy and climate outcomes, for and with the people of Ontario.

All of the ECO’s powers and responsibilities are established by the Environmental Bill of Rights, which tasks the ECO with:

We release three reports each year, focusing on climate change, energy, and on environmental protection and the EBR compliance of the 17 Ontario ministries we oversee.

The ECO’s staff is a driven, enthusiastic group of people, who are passionate about Ontarians’ environmental rights and public participation in government decisions that contribute to a healthy, sustainable environment. We are always interested in opportunities to give workshops, webinars and presentations on the tools available to Ontarians under the EBR.

Our office (at 1075 Bay Street, Toronto) is home to a Resource Centre with an extensive collection of reports, books, journals, periodicals and other environmental resource documents for you to read.

We can be reached at 416-325-3377 / 1-800-701-6454 or

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