We are hiring a Climate Change Policy Advisor

We are hiring a Climate Change Policy Advisor. View the job posting to apply or for more information. The deadline to apply is Friday, March 16, 2018.

We are hiring for one (1) permanent Policy Advisor position with a primary focus on contributing to the ECO’s mandate to report annually on the progress of activities to reduce greenhouse gases in Ontario.

This role involves: reviewing and evaluating policies, programs and activities in Ontario to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt the province to climate change; identifying opportunities for, or barriers to, emissions reductions and adaptation; developing recommendations for government action; preparing briefings on climate science and mitigation/adaptation policy; and communicating the ECO’s analysis through reports and presentations.

This position will also contribute to the ECO’s other reporting responsibilities regarding energy conservation and environmental protection, and undertake other projects that support the ECO’s reporting duties and further the goals of the EBR. This will involve assisting the public in effectively exercising their rights under the EBR, for example, responding to letters, emails and phone calls from the public and assisting with applications submitted to the ECO.

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