Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) is one of 17 Ontario ministries that are required under the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993 (EBR) to include the public in its environmentally significant decision making. Click on a heading below to learn about Treasury Board Secretariat and its EBR requirements and performance.

Key Environmental Aspects of Treasury Board Secretariat's Mandate

The Treasury Board Secretariat is responsible for leading internal waste reduction, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction efforts across the entire government.

Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) Requirements

Statement of Environmental Values

Each ministry that is prescribed under the EBR is required to develop a Statement of Environmental Values to guide ministry staff when making decisions that might significantly affect the environment.  As a newly prescribed ministry, the TBS is now required to develop a draft SEV, consult the public, and finalize it by April 2017.

Public Notice and Consultation

Each ministry that is prescribed under the EBR is required to consult the public on certain environmentally significant proposals via the Environmental Registry. Specifically, the TBS must give notice of, and consult on, any proposal to make or amend a policy or act that could have a significant effect on the environment.

Applications for Review and Investigation

Under the EBR, members of the public can ask certain ministries to review the need for a new environmental policy, act or regulation. Members of the public can also ask certain ministries to investigate alleged contraventions of certain acts, regulations and instruments. The TBS, however, is not prescribed under the EBR for Applications for Review or Investigation.

EBR Commitment Letter

In December 2015, the ECO invited prescribed ministries to renew their commitment to the EBR in writing.  TBS does not yet have a commitment letter as it became prescribed under the EBR in July 2016.

EBR Report Card

The ECO evaluates prescribed ministries’ performance under the EBR. As the Treasury Board Secretariat only became prescribed in July 2016, the ECO did not assess the TBS as part of the ECO’s 2015/2016 EBR performance report card.

Key Outstanding ECO Recommendations

In our reports, the ECO makes recommendations to improve EBR compliance and environmental protection. The Treasury Board Secretariat does not have any outstanding ECO recommendations

EBR Success Stories

In 2014, the government made the Treasury Board Secretariat a stand-alone body, ending its direct affiliation with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. This change had the effect of making the Treasury Board Secretariat no longer subject to the EBR. In our 2014/2015 Annual Report, the ECO urged the MOECC to work with the Treasury Board Secretariat to prescribe it under the EBR. In July 2016, TBS became prescribed under the EBR.

ECO Recognition Award

Since 2000, the annual ECO Recognition Award has recognized the hard work of ministry staff in an initiative that benefits Ontario’s environment and meets the goals of the EBR. Every year, the ECO asks prescribed ministries to submit programs and projects to be considered for the award. The Treasury Board Secretariat has not yet been the recipient of the ECO Recognition Award.

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