Under the Environmental Bill of Rights, the Environmental Commissioner may make a Special Report at any time on any matter related to the EBR.

Developing the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan

EBR Performance Checkup – Respect for Ontario Environmental Rights 2015/2016

Laying Siege to the Last Line of Defence: A Review of Ontario’s Weakened Protections for Species at Risk (2013)

Ready for Change: An Assessment of Ontario's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (2012)

Biodiversity: A Nation’s Commitment, an Obligation for Ontario (2012)

Getting it Right: Paying for the Management of Household Hazardous Wastes (2010)

The Last Line of Defence: A Review of Ontario’s New Protections for Species at Risk (2009)

Doing Less with Less: How Shortfalls in Budget, Staffing and In-House Expertise are Hampering the Effectiveness of MOE and MNR (2007)

Looking Forward: The Environmental Bill of Rights (2005)

Climate Change: Is the Science Sound? (2002)

Broken Promises: MNR’s Failure to Safeguard Environmental Rights (2001)

Protection of Groundwater and Intensive Farming (2000)

Keep the Door to Environmental Protection Open (1996)

Ontario Regulation 482/95 and the Environmental Bill of Rights (1996)

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