Headshot of Dr. Dianne Saxe

Dr. Dianne Saxe


With the ECO Since: 2015

Dianne Saxe is the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), a tough but fair watchdog over Ontario’s environmental, energy and climate performance, and guardian of the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993 (EBR).

Prior to her appointment, Dianne was one of Canada’s most respected environmental lawyers. She has 40 years’ unparalleled experience writing, interpreting, and litigating Ontario’s energy and environmental laws. Dianne’s career began with the Ontario Public Service and two major Bay Street law firms. She then established one of Canada’s top environmental law boutiques.

You can contact Dianne through our general email (commissioner@eco.on.ca) and phone lines (1-800-701-6454 and 416-325-3377).

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