The Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) gives all Ontarians certain environmental rights. That means that all of us – ordinary citizens, students, politicians, policymakers, business people and activists – have legal rights and formal procedures for participating in environmental matters.

The EBR applies to environmentally significant proposals and decisions made by certain Ontario ministries or under certain provincial laws. EBR environmental rights do not apply to federal or municipal decisions.

Your EBR Rights

Under the EBR, you have the right to:

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Exercising your rights under the EBR can be an empowering and rewarding way to play a role in government decisions that affect the environment. Whether you are commenting on an environmentally significant proposal, submitting an Application for Review or Investigation, or seeking to appeal an environmental approval, you are helping to achieve our common goal as Ontarians: the protection, conservation and restoration of Ontario’s natural environment for present and future generations.

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